2019-20 Remind & NoRedInk Codes

We signed up for Remind messages the first week of class, but you can sign up any time of the year. I strongly urge students, parents/guardians, coaches, and other stakeholders to subscribe — I use Remind frequently, and those who don’t subscribe are often in the dark and unaware, and that’s frustrating for everyone.

If you weren’t able to sign up now or the first week of class, OR if you get a new number and need to sign up again, the class codes are below; please register with your first and last name, and make sure you choose the appropriate “role” (Student or Parent).

Text your class code to 81010. If you have the Remind app on your phone, Join A Class and type in your class code:

5A Homeroom:   @ausley-hr

1A English 2:       @1a-ausley
3A English 3:       @3a-ausley
4A English 2:       @4a-ausley

2B English 3:       @2b-ausley
3B English 3:       @3b-ausley
4B English 3:       @4b-ausley



NoRedInk.com is a site that provides structured mechanics, usage, and grammar exercises. Students will need to go to NoRedInk.com and sign up for a student account. You must use an email address that you check frequently, as well as a password that you will remember. Pay attention to assignment due dates. Below are the class codes:

1A English 2:
3A English 3:
4A English 2:

2B English 3:
3B English 3:
4B English 3: