Remind & NoRedInk Codes

We signed up for Remind texts/emails the first week of class, but you can sign up in advance. I strongly urge both students and parents to subscribe — I use Remind frequently, and students and parents who don’t subscribe are often in the dark and unaware, and that’s frustrating for everyone.

If you weren’t able to sign up now or the first week of class, OR if you get a new number and need to sign up again, here are the codes for your classes:

Text your class code to 81010 with the following class code (for your block):

2A English 3 G/T:    @ausley-e3h
2A English 3:            @ausley-e3a
4A English 3 G/T:    @ausley-e3h

2B English 2:             @ausley-e2a
3B English 2:             @ausley-e2a
4B English 3 G/T:      @ausley-e3h



Go to and sign up for a student account. You need to use an email address and password that you use and will remember. Pay attention to assignment due dates. Below are the class codes:

2A English 3 G/T:    rare breakfast 38
2A English 3:            rapid jar 5
4A English 3 G/T:    lean rain 90

2B English 2:             stale drum 72
3B English 2:             cuddly city 12
4B English 3 G/T:      plain key 91