About Ms. Ausley

Melissa Russell-Ausley (known as “Ms. Ausley” or “Ms. A”) is in her fifth year as English faculty at Enloe, teaching juniors in American Literature (English 3) and sophomores World Literature (English 2). Prior to joining the staff here at Enloe, Ms. Ausley taught for nearly 10 years at West Johnston High School.  She lives next door to her grandmother in western Johnston County, along with her two children, two Labradors (Daisy Buchanan & Buck), and one cranky cat (Scout).

Ms. Ausley is a proud graduate of NC State University, where she earned her degree and certification in English and Secondary Education. She is also a 2020 graduate of East Carolina’s Department of Educational Leadership, where she earned her Masters in School Administration. She is certified in Academically-Intellectually Gifted (AIG) education and Advanced Placement (AP) English Language & Composition. At Enloe, she is involved with Breakfast Club (second-chance breakfast), supervises the school’s athletic tutoring program (SEAT), is the English Department’s representative to the School Improvement Team, and is a faculty consultant for the school’s chapter of the National Honor Society. Prior to teaching, Ms. Ausley was in corporate communications for 10 years in the Raleigh/RTP area at companies including IBM, HAHT Software, and MetaMetrics (developers of the Lexile Framework).

In her free time, Ms. Ausley enjoys traveling, cooking, being a pool mom, being a band mom, baking, kayaking, traveling. She is an admitted word nerd, with a curiosity for etymology and languages. Ms. Ausley believes that naps, sunshine, and fresh air can cure most things.

Random things Ms. Ausley loves…

  • hugs and kisses from her children
  • the smell of oranges, lemons, lavender, and cloves
  • all things NC State University and the Wolfpack
  • kayaking
  • kind words
  • the beach and the mountains
  • music on shuffle
  • Audible
  • laughter
  • order, neatness
  • her friends and family
  • coffee and Diet Dr. Pepper
  • traveling
  • naps on rainy days
  • bright colors
  • Shark Week on the Discovery Channel (ask about her bucket list)
  • “To Kill a Mockingbird” is her favorite novel (in addition to Daisy Buchanan, she also has a cat named Scout); “Shawshank Redemption” is her favorite movie
  • good food (life is too short for bad food)
  • her collection of collegiate pennants
  • chocolate
  • letters, notes, and drawings from students
  • the Oxford comma

Random things Ms. Ausley doesn’t like…

  • weather fronts (her migraine trigger)
  • sunburns
  • cancer
  • mean people
  • black licorice