FEB. 19-21 (B week)

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English 2:

  • “The Weed”: Focus Activity: list of advantages and disadvantages to arranged marriage. Read “The Weed” p. 526-531, then answer ALL parts of #1-15 on p. 532 (complete sentences).
  • World Geography video (Discovery Education): Asia & The Pacific


English 3:

  • “Barracoon” interview & excerpt: Read the in-class copy of Zora Neale Hurston’s interview with Cudjo, and an excerpt from her novel “Barracoon.” For your reference, the definition and etymology of ‘barracoon’ have been provided. READ ALL OF THIS. Then answer all parts of the 4 text-dependent questions (25 pt. each):
    1. Why does Hurston call Cudjo by his African name?
      How does he react?
      What does his reaction tell us?
    2. Read from “In spite of recent illness…” to “What do you want with me?” — using evidence from the text, describe Cudjo’s range of emotions.
      What does his range of emotions tell us about him?
    3. The writer references Cudjo’s freedom, but also says, “Seeing the anguish in his face, I regretted that I had come to worry this captive in a strange land.” Why does Hurston call him a “captive” if he is a free man?
    4. What impact does the use of Cudjo’s dialect have on this excerpt?
  • Begin “Lincoln”