NOV. 12-15 (A week)

  • Monday (no school): Thank a Veteran!
  • Wednesday: PACT, East Building classes through 2nd lunch relocated (no Breakfast Club)
  • Homeroom will be held on FRIDAY.
  • The Student Information & Honor Code Form given out weeks ago are due back (completed and signed) ASAP. Please get these in!!

English 2:


  • All Guided Reading Questions are due when we finish each set of chapters. We review these in class before you hand them in, so if you missed an answer, you may need to pay closer attention
  • TUESDAY: Read Ch. 6-8 (with audio) and complete Guided Reading Questions
  • TEST THURSDAY on Chapters 1-8
  • Vocab for “The Kite Runner” — format: TERM: definition; 2 synonyms; 2 antonyms
    ALL students: (25 terms) interpret, remorse, sultry, irony, curt, omit, allude, sallow, republic, scorn, attain, optimistic, dismay, adversary, mentor, inquiry, conjure, epic, faction, provoke, squalid, taut, censor, chastise, foreboding
    Honors: all words above, plus… (15 terms) propaganda, grave (adj.), austere, morose, affable, reticent, mystic, wretched (adj.), acrid, amiable, chagrin, heed, quell, solemn, wary


English 3: