Apr. 30-May 4

This B-week in Room 2808…


  • NEW! There will be a required informational session for all students taking any AP exam. Students are asked to report to the auditorium at the beginning of their lunch period on Tuesday, May 1st or Wednesday, May 2nd. The meeting will be brief but important for students to attend. This will be announced on the ‘Loe Down and TV scroll. Student Services will also be posting this message on their website, Twitter, Facebook, and Remind.
  • Given testing at the end of the year, this is a shorter in-class quarter. Get work turned in on time! (No Q4 credit recovery)
  • Q3 credit recovery contracts were due Monday, April 23 — you cannot get your credit recovery work until I have a contract returned, signed by both you AND a parent/guardian. All work is due back by May 17th.



  • Realism & Regionlism, and the Early Modern Era
  • “Chief Sokoto Holds Court” & “I Will Fight No More Forever” (Nez Perce Chief Joseph) (p. 492 #1,3,5,7 and p. 515 #1,3,5,7; Venn Diagram listing 4-5 traits of Chief Sokoto on the left, 4-5 traits of Chief Joseph on the right, and 3-4 traits the men have in common in the overlap.



  • Only materials that have been released to the public by College Board will be linked to and/or distributed electronically. All other AP exam materials (MC tests and FRQs) will be distributed in class. You may check Updates of the APLC Page for a list of essay topics we have covered.
  • FRQ Blank Response Paper
  • review of FRQ1 (Synthesis) How-to Guide
  • 2013 FRQ1 prompt: The Monuments essay
    • 15 min. for reading and annotating 7 sources
    • 2 min. for planning your essay
    • ~35 min. for writing
  • “High School Drama” group synthesis activity (7 sources)