Feb. 5-9

This B-week in Room 2808…


  • This Friday is a WCPSS Early-Release day
  • APLC: Bring “Of Mice & Men” to class every day until we finish with it



  • Frederick Douglass, “My Bondage & My Freedom” excerpt from his autobiography, “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass” (1845). This selection is  in the textbook, p. 329-334. After we read and discuss this excerpt, complete #1-8 on p. 335 — including #6 (which asks you to consider how you would answer the Focus Activity on p. 329).
  • Connecting a Civil War-era text (Douglass) with something more contemporary, we will read “Learning to Read,” an excerpt from Malcolm X’s autobiography. This excerpt is in the 50 Essays book in class, but can also be found online.  Then answer the accompanying questions that ask you to compare Douglass and Malcolm X.
  • African/African-American Spirituals — read p. 336-339 then complete p. 340 #1-12, ALL parts.
  • Complete the Focus Activity, p. 344 about a time when you were treated unfairly, what happened, and how you reacted. Then read p. 344-346, Soujourner Truth’s speech “And Ain’t I A Woman?” (Listen here: https://goo.gl/iA4aMF) — then complete p. 347 #1-8, ALL parts.



  • “Of Mice & Men” (John Steinbeck) — have in-hand, in class
    • Class discussion about themes addressed in the OM&M Anticipation Guide
    • Chapter Quizzes — the Google Docs links and passcodes for the quizzes are being sent electronically (text & email) each afternoon via REMIND
      • Ch. 1&2: Monday night
      • Ch. 3&4: Tuesday night
      • Ch. 5&6: Wednesday night
    • OM&M novel reading guide — due by Fri., Feb. 9, 2018
  • “Of Mice & Men” film
  • Rhetorical Analysis unit, continued