Dec. 4-8 (B Week)

This week in Room 2808…


  • If you missed the test from the week before Thanksgiving (Academic English III: Unit 2, Revolutionary Lit; APLC: multiple choice), you will now notice a 0 in PowerSchool. It is YOUR responsibility to  arrange a time with me to make that up ASAP.
  • The Raleigh Fine Arts Society (RFAS) is now accepting original short-story submissions for its 2018 Literary Contest. The student deadline for submissions is midnight on January 18To do this, have your student go to, select Literary Contest and click on Submit a manuscript. Be sure to list Melissa Ausley ( as your English teacher so that I can approve your story for submission to the judges. For a student’s story to be approved and sent to the judges for scoring, the English teacher must give it a THUMBS UP before midnight on January 25, 2018. You can find more information on RFAS 2018 Literary Contest brochure.





  • APLC Unfamiliar Vocab List (generated from your input on said test…) — TEST moved to WED., 12/6 — use Quizlet to study for test (recommend “Learn,” Flashcards, and Match)
  • 50E: companion piece to “On Compassion” (last week), “On Dumpster Diving” (Eighner) and QRS:
    • What does Eighner say he likes about the word “scavenging”?
    • What questions must scavengers always try to answer when looking for food?
    • Where did Eighner begin his practice of scavenging?
    • For what reason, according to Eighner, is chocolate often thrown away?
    • Why does Eighner avoid taking ethnic foods from the trash?
    • What fact about Eighner’s dumpster diving shows readers that the experience has serious drawbacks?
    • Why does Eighner choose not to redeem aluminum cans so that he has cash for necessities?
    • According to Eighner, what do can-scroungers do that he has never seen scavengers do?
    • What does Eighner find refreshing about scavenging?
    • In what way is Eighner like the very wealthy?
    • (#3 p. 38) Both Ascher (“On Compassion”) and Eighner (“On Dumpster Diving”)  write about people who are down on their luck: Eighner as one who has been down on his luck himself, Ascher from the perspective of the more fortunate. How do their differing perspectives inform their essays?
  • Upcoming Novels: “In Cold Blood” (Truman Capote — have in hand, in class on Wed. 12/6) and “Of Mice & Men” (John Steinbeck)
  • Syntax/Sentence Structure lesson