OCT. 16-20

This week in Room 2808…

  • Please check PowerSchool — if you have a zero for an assignment that you have not recently turned in, please get that to me ASAP.  The longer you wait, the more points you lose.
  • THIS FRIDAY (10/20) is an Early Release Day for Teacher Professional Development. We will observe an Early Release schedule.  American Lit 3-1B and APLC 4B will meet in Ms. Ausley’s classroom and then go to the College & Career Fair. Enloe will be hosting more than 65 regional colleges and universities, as well as military branches and employers — just for our students!
  • If you are excessively tardy, you will spend lunch detention with me. If you miss your assigned lunch detention, you will be written up for non-compliance (per school policy). Be in class on time.



  • Begin Unit 2: Revolutionary Literature
  • Video: The American Revolution (~50 min., 30 numbered facts) (3-1B Monday)
  • Warmup: Write about an occasion when you made what you would consider the perfect comment/comeback – or when you later thought of what would have been the perfect comment/comeback. Read the excerpt from Benjamin Franklin’s “Poor Richard’s Almanac” on p. 134-135, and then answer #5-8 on p. 136. Next, read “Dichos” (Americo Paredes) p. 138-142, and answer #1-3, 6-8 on p. 143. Turn in your work.
  • Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!” speech — we will look at loaded language, emotional appeals, allusions, logos, pathos, rhetorical questions, and persuasion.
  • (3-1B) College & Career Fair, West Gym