SEPT. 18-22

A couple of items for this week…

This Thursday (9/21) is a teacher workday for the observance of Rosh Hashanah. A-day classes will meet Monday & Wednesday; B-day classes will meet Tuesday and Friday.

REPOST: If you are able to send in large/family size boxes of Kleenex (Puffs, etc.), we will need them ASAP.  Please write “AUSLEY” on the box so your child will remember who to give the tissues. The school provides basic facial tissues, but they are thin and won’t last long. I will store donated boxes in my classroom for all of our students to use. Trust me, everyone will need one!   🙂

Documents due back to Ms. Ausley (completed and with parent/guardian signature):

Lastly, codes can be found by clicking “Remind Codes” in the site header — text your class code to 81010 and be sure you include the “@” sign.

Please take care of your business on time (Remind signups and the two forms were due two weeks ago).

Ms. Ausley



  • “Great Indian Nations” (video and 30 notes) — what did we believe before and what did we learn new?
  • Unit 1: PreColonial America (Native American Myths & Early Settlers) — read Native American Mythology (p. 46), “How the World Was Made” (p. 48-49) and “The Sky Tree” (p. 50-51) before completing #1-10 p. 52. Why were the ecosystems so important to the Native Americans, and how did those change once European settlers came and moved west?