SEPT. 5-8

A couple of items for this week…

If you are able to send in large/family size boxes of Kleenex (Puffs, etc.), we will need them ASAP.  Please write “AUSLEY” on the box so your child will remember who to give the tissues. The school provides basic facial tissues, but they are thin and won’t last long. I will store donated boxes in my classroom for all of our students to use. Trust me, everyone will need one!   🙂

Documents due back to Ms. Ausley (completed and with parent/guardian signature):

Please take care of your business on time.

Ms. Ausley



  • Expectations & Syllabus Review
  • Remind signups —
    • 1A English 3:    @272he3
    • 2A English 3:    @d333b94
    • 4A English 3:    @gfaf73
    • 3B English 3:    @hf7e8k
  • NYTimes Upfront Magazine nonfiction article analysis
  • 2A: meet in class on Friday; we will go after 10:00 to the Auditorium for Administrative Discipline meetings
  • 1A & 4A Friday: meet in class, then proceed to the Auditorium for Student Services grade-level presentations
    • Introduction to American Literature
    • Unit 1: PreColonial America (Native American Myths & Early Settlers) — PPT and guided notes



  • Expectations & Syllabus Review
  • Remind signups —
    • 1B AP Lang:       @h39hea
    • 4B AP Lang:       @cb739b
  • Turn in QR&S for “Salvation”
  • read Sherman Alexie’s vignettes titled “Indian Education” — pay attention to how characters deal with the ignorance of others, as well as the struggles of life on the reservation and in school. As instructed on the class handout, complete the annotations, complete two-column notes with two of the topics listed on the handout, correct the three sentences, and complete the SAT vocabulary. (These are due TH at the start of class.)
  • The deadline for selecting your author/columnist for the APLC Q1 Independent Columnist Project is Thursday, Sept. 7, 2017.  You should have 2-3 authors selected, as each can only be chosen once per class period.  If you know who you would like to select (and have alternates), you may email those to Ms. Ausley ( before class on 9/7.  Your first article annotation and reflection is due on Friday, Sept. 15th.
  • read Sherman Alexie’s essay “Superman & Me” — we will collectively answer the questions at the end, but if you do not finish in class or are absent, please get these finished.