AUG. 28-SEPT. 1

We will have an awesome kickoff to school this week!  A couple of items…

If you are able to send in large/family size boxes of Kleenex (Puffs, etc.), we will need them ASAP.  Please write “AUSLEY” on the box so your child will remember who to give the tissues. The school provides basic facial tissues, but they are thin and won’t last long. I will store donated boxes in my classroom for all of our students to use. Trust me, everyone will need one!  Thanks for making our first week back such a success!  🙂

Ms. Ausley



  • We will focus on building community and relationships within class, including “Two Truths and a Lie,” a Bio Poem, a writing benchmark, and a “Who I Am” graphic organizer.
  • Introductions, Expectations, & Syllabus Review
  • Remind signups
  • NYTimes Upfront magazine — reading comprehension and nonfiction article analysis



  • Introductions, Expectations & Syllabus Review; Plagiarism & Cheating statement
  • Remind signups
  • Student Information Forms
  • Langston Hughes’ essay, “Salvation” — discussion of social and theological views of “sin,” AP-style multiple choice practice quiz questions, Questions on Rhetoric & Style (QR&S) for homework (due TU 9/5) if you don’t finish in class. Pay attention to Hughes’ use of formal devices of the first-person narrative: vivid descriptions, dialogue, gentle humor, and sentence structure designed to recall an oral telling of this story.