Ms. Ausley’s (Remote) English Class

Hello, Enloe friends!!! 

I hope that all of you and your families are safe and well during this uncertain time. I also hope that you were able to disconnect and rejuvenate yourself over last week’s spring break.

I’m excited (and nervous) that we begin remote instruction THIS WEEK — I miss all of you! Below is the Remote Learning Schedule from WCPSS (specifically for Enloe’s A/B schedule). This schedule begins for all Enloe students on Monday, April 13, 2020.

I will be holding office hours from 1:00-2:00 each day, but know that some of you also work, so if you need to reach me later in the day, send me a Remind text and we can always hop on to Google Meet and answer your questions.

Please visit the Video Episode Archive for your virtual lesson! Please make sure you watch the one for your class (English 2 or English 3). Your work is due one week from the date in class when it is assigned.

If you haven’t already, please sign up for Remind Messages for your specific class with me! This is an easy and especially important way for us to stay in contact, especially during this time. If you aren’t able to login for office hours but have questions, I do my best to answer all kinds of school-related questions through Remind and email, so please keep in touch.

I can’t wait to reconnect with you guys!! Until then, be well!

Ms. Ausley (April 13, 2020)


What’s Happening This Week in Class?

NOTE:  Due dates in PowerSchool coincide with in-class dates for Class Assignments. Look for where your class is listed (English 3, English 2). Documents are linked electronically through weekly assignments and most are available as PDFs.



Ms. Ausley’s 2019-2020 Course Schedule

  • A Days – 2nd lunch daily
    1A: English 2 w/ Mr. Blinn
    3A: English 3
    4A: English 2 w/ Mr. Blinn 
  • B Days – 2nd lunch daily
    2B: English 3
    3B: English 3
    4B: English 3


Ms. Ausley is best reached by Remind or email (please note hyphenated last name) at  Please add my name, web site, and email address to your phone and email contacts. English 2 students can also reach Mr. Blinn at