Welcome to Ausley’s English Class!

Dear Parents & Students,
I need your help addressing a cheating situation that has gotten out.of.control. It’s not just in English class; I’ve seen students doing this with history, math, science, and even foreign languages.
Many students are using apps like Socratic, PhotoMath, iHomework, and others to take photos of reading questions, copy down the answers that the app finds for them online, and submit their work as their own. OR… if a student has done all these things, s/he will take a photo and distribute all the answers to friends who then copy down the answers and submit their work as their own. This is a literature class, and we have to read. Additionally, we have to check their understanding — identification, comprehension, analysis, and application. These situations are the definition of plagiarism and cheating by the Student Code of Conduct. 
Please make sure your child/students all understand that this practice is not acceptable nor will it be tolerated. Plagiarism and cheating policies were reviewed at the beginning of the year and served as a warning to students about such choices and consequences. Students will receive zeroes if their answers are anywhere online, no questions asked, and if a student wishes to contest the zero, the burden of proof will be on them that they did not cheat and that the answers are uniquely theirs. In addition, they will not be able to make up those assignments later.
Students are paying such little attention to their work that they even copy “teacher directions” in keys, like “student answers will vary.” These behaviors largely explain why students are miserably failing simple tests (multiple choice, true/false, matching) — because they aren’t paying attention during class and aren’t doing their own work, and as a result, they don’t know any of the material they’re being tested on.

What’s Happening This Week in Class?

NOTE:  Due dates in PowerSchool coincide with in-class dates for Class Assignments. Look for where your class is listed (English 3, English 2). Documents are linked electronically through weekly assignments and most are available as PDFs.


Upcoming Q2 2019 Dates

  • Thursday, Oct. 31: WCPSS Workday
  • Friday, Nov. 1: Makeup Day 1 for Hurricane Dorian (B day)
  • Monday, Nov. 11: Veterans’ Day Observance
  • Wednesday, Nov. 27-Friday, Nov. 29: Thanksgiving Break
  • Friday, Dec. 20: Makeup Day 2 for Hurricane Dorian (A day)
  • Friday, Dec. 20: Q1 Credit Recovery work due
  • Monday, Dec. 23-Wednesday, Jan. 1: Winter/Christmas Break
  • Thursday, Jan. 2 & Friday, Jan. 3: WCPSS Workdays
  • Monday, Jan. 6: WELCOME BACK!
  • Monday, Jan. 20: Observance of MLK, Jr. Day
  • Monday, Jan. 27: END OF Q2

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Ms. Ausley’s 2019-2020 Course Schedule

  • A Days – 2nd lunch daily
    1A: English 2 w/ Mr. Blinn
    3A: English 3
    4A: English 2 w/ Mr. Blinn 
  • B Days – 2nd lunch daily
    2B: English 3
    3B: English 3
    4B: English 3


Ms. Ausley is best reached by Remind or email (please note hyphenated last name) at mrussell-ausley@wcpss.net.  Please add my name, web site, and email address to your phone and email contacts. English 2 students can also reach Mr. Blinn at cblinn@wcpss.net.